Dell is widely known for manufacturing powerful hardware components including monitors. Although Dell Monitors are robust and of superior build quality, they can run into various problems. The ‘DDM’ program told me I don’t have a dell monitor attached. So where are you going to find the right driver for your Dell monitor? If you have a relatively new Dell, a quick browse through the Ubuntu on Dell page will reveal the vast selection of desktops, notebooks and netbooks that will run Ubuntu. Thanks to work with Canonical, Ubuntu and Dell can now be considered to have pretty good native compatibility.

If it is 2.8 or greater you should install Dell Update or Dell Command and use it to check for drivers. Windows 10 has a number of inbuilt system drivers and it will also obtains many system drivers from Windows Update. Providing up to date Windows 10 Installation Media is used all systems should have basic driver support including internet connectivity.

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There are a few rare exceptions that the hardware is customized by Dell or whatever the laptop manufacturer is and the official drivers may produce BSOD. In these rare circumstances you have to stick with Dell drivers only. In all other cases I prefer the official chip manufacturer drivers for best performance.

Depending on the graphics card, you might be able to get the drivers directly from Intel, Nvidia or AMD. Have you tried using a third party driver installer such as iobit, when ive encountered driver issues this has resolved it for me, windows update will then update the base driver appropriately. This is after they’ve now uninstalled several other drivers, including everything USB, and tell me that they can’t fix it, so we need to give them money. Download Here If the first command fails to fix your broken packages, please follow the instructions in this answer then try installing your drivers afterwords. If you want to install the graphics driver manually, you can use the control panel experience from your manufacturer to download and install the latest driver update.

Even better, Radeon Software allows you to automatically install new updates, so you should only have to go through the process manually once. With the software installed, you can easily update your GPU driver. You don’t need to know what graphics card you have or what driver it needs. Both pieces of software will automatically detect your system and recommend the most recent driver. On the next screen, expand theWindows 10 – 64-bit Editiondropdown to reveal the available drivers. Under theRevision Number,look for the driver with theRecommendedtag.

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Windows computers require iOS drivers to correctly recognize iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. If your iPhone is still not detected, chances are that the drivers are not installed, outdated, or misconfigured. The drivers come installed with iTunes but if you don’t intend to use or install iTunes on your PC, there are alternative methods to get the iOS drivers. You can see a full list of affected models on Dell’s page covering this vulnerability. Similar features are coming from Intel as Dell Mobile Connect is being phased out.

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The most efficient method for updating your drivers is to go directly to the manufacturer’s website. In either case, you’ll want to make sure that the driver you download is compatible with Windows 10. You’ll see icons like an exclamation point, yellow triangle, or question mark.

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